Yoga and Somatics from the Inside Out

Yoga & Somatics Workshops/Courses

Please feel free to scroll down the page to see my current workshop & course offerings, they are listed in chronological order.

Freeing the Neck & Shoulders

A Hanna Somatics Workshop

23rd February 2019


Hanna Somatic Exercises is a gentle neuromuscular approach that effectively retrains your brain to release chronic muscle tension. Experience the connection between the neck & shoulders and the entire spine as you learn to relax the muscles that contribute to stiffness & pain, tension headaches, slumped posture and rigid shoulders 

 Freeing the lower back, hips & legs 

A Hanna Somatics Workshop

23rd March 2019 

Chronic muscle tension in the centre of the body places undue pressure on the hips, knees & ankles.  Over time this leads to muscle and joint pain, inflexibility and reduced mobility.  Explore gentle, floor based movements that will relax your back, waist, hips and legs and experience greater ease of movement, suppleness and balance.

Resting In Stillness

Deeply Relax, Release Stress & Restore Your Energy

25th May 2019

iRest Yoga Nidra invites you to welcome everything just as it is and in doing so, this simple yet profound practice allows you to deeply relax, release stress and restore your energy; whilst nourishing a sense of joy, peace and well-being within you…