Yoga and Somatics from the Inside Out

Move With Ease Somatics Course

If you’ve begun to feel a bit stiffer all over or are experiencing muscle aches and pains (back, hip, neck or shoulder) then welcome, you’re in the right place.

Imagine what it would be like if you could relax your tense muscles, ease out of stiffness and relieve your muscle aches and pains…

You’d recover a sense of ease and freedom in movement that would allow you to continue enjoying the things you love to do (walking, running, gardening, cycling) AND you’d feel relaxed and more supple.


But wait…

You’ve been told it’s normal to feel like this as you get a bit older. Surely that can’t be right, you think, “I’m not that old”.


There must be something else going on.

And guess what, you were right all along.


Due to the brain’s response to stress, injuries, accidents or illness your muscles can tighten and stay that way due to the brain literally “forgetting” how to relax them.

It’s called Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) and you can learn more about it here.  It’s these chronically tight muscles that is so often the cause of our aches and pains.

What makes Somatic Exercises unique and so effective is they get to the root cause of your muscle pain and stiffness – they retrain your brain to release and lengthen your muscles.

The movements are performed slowly with internal awareness and are gentle, safe, natural and enjoyable to do.


The aim of this course will be to release muscle tension from the whole of the body and give you LIFE LONG SKILLS to help keep your muscles relaxed and free from pain and stiffness.


Hi, I'm Jahna

Hi, I'm Jahna

Yoga Teacher + Somatics Exercise Coach

I am so excited about offering the first Somatics Course in Edinburgh because I know from my own personal experience and those of my students just how effective Somatic Exercises can be in creating a more relaxed, easeful body.

The Move With Ease Somatics Course is

Coming to Edinburgh in 2015

Move with Ease Somatics Workshops

Move with Ease Somatics Workshops are running throughout the year, see the Workshops page for more information.

Free Somatics Movement Video

Can you help me make this the best course it can be?

To help make this course the best it can be I am looking to interview 30 people who are experiencing muscle aches and pains and/or stiffness and who love the idea of being able to help themselves release out of their pain/stiffness through gentle movement.

If this is you or you know someone like this, then I would love to hear from you. The interview will last 30 minutes via phone/Skype/in person and as a thank you you will receive a 30 minute video guiding you through some gentle Somatic Exercises that will help to relieve stiffness/pain in your lower pain or help prevent it occurring in the first place.

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