Private Clinical Somatics Sessions

The Hands On Method developed by Thomas Hanna

is the most effective and rapid way to reduce your chronic muscle tension, stiffness and pain

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Private Clinical Somatic Sessions is the best place to start when your stiffness and pain is restricting your ability to move freely or impacting on your daily life.

Whether your stiffness/pain came on gradually, following an injury or you feel it has more to do with ongoing stress, it can leave you feeling exhausted and frustrated.

What can be especially worrying is when you find yourself struggling or having to give up things you enjoy (walking, gardening) or have always taken for granted (like bending down to tie your shoelaces).

And so far everything you’ve tried to help (perhaps it’s been phsyiotherapy, massage, chiropractic) only seems to bring short term relief. Why is that?

Clinical Somatic Education (CSE) gets to the root cause of your pain…


When you’re feeling stiffer and you simply can’t move as freely as you used to, the root cause is usually because your muscles have become chronically tight. This contributes to pain over time. However, the missing link is your muscles are being held tight at the level of the brain. 

In these sessions you’ll learn:


  • How Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) is the root cause of tight muscles and the real reason why you can no longer voluntarily relax them

  • To understand how your own SMA developed through a process called habituation due to the way we respond to accidents, injuries, surgeries, major illnesses, daily habits and emotional/psychological stress

  • All humans respond to stress within three specific reflexes that create full body patterns of muscular contraction defined by Thomas Hanna as The Green Light Reflex, The Red Light Reflex and The Trauma Reflex. These sessions will help you discover which one or more reflexes you have habituated to

From the end of the first individual session I left walking on air, my body felt much calmer. I was more aware of how my body was moving, I felt more relaxed and had specific exercises which I used every day. The follow up notes and links were excellent support.

The clinical sessions really helped me identify the physical effects of stress on my body and begin to deal with these and as a result it has helped me think more clearly. It was ideal for me to have time just to focus on my health.

Isabel Marshall

Edinburgh, UK

Retrain Your Brain


When you learn to engage your brain in a way that it can actively release the tension, you’ll be able to relax and lengthen your OWN muscles without force, creating a renewed sense of suppleness, freedom and ability to move with ease. 

You’ll learn to do this through a process called Pandiculation. The key is simple, natural and pleasureable movements explored slowly and gently so that your brain can become aware of the internal sensations within your body.


The three unique components of Pandiculation:

  • a voluntary contraction of the muscles slightly tighter than they already are (so your brain can consciously sense the muscle contraction)

  • followed by a slow, lengthening release

  • before a complete relaxation

This is similar to what your cat or dog does when it gets up from a rest and it has a yawn like quality to it. Pandiculation – it’s the most effective way to release tight muscles at the level of the brain.   

How Clinical Somatics Sessions Work

  • Each session begins with a detailed assessment to best determine which stress reflexes you have habituated to.  As it’s only possible to release one stress reflex at a time, a number of sessions is recommended. 

  • You will then be guided through a hands on movement lesson to help you release muscle tension from your contractive pattern. This takes place on a wide table in which you remain fully clothed. All movements are gentle, slow and within your comfort range. As your practitioner, I’ll provide hands on feedback during the movements (a form of assisted pandiculation) that will help retrain your brain to release tense, stiff muscles. As you regain sensory motor control of your muscles, they’ll become more relaxed, supple and able to move more freely.

  • At the conclusion of each session, you’ll learn specific Somatic Movements to practice at home tailored to your needs. It’s the daily 15 minute Somatics routine that will enable you to maintain and build on the improvement you experience in each session.

  • You’ll receive a 15 minute audio recording of the Somatic Movements and a pdf Handout to help you learn and get the most benefit from them

  • Email support from me should you have any questions or queries prior to your next session   

  • These daily, enjoyable movements are the key to long term relief of muscle tension, stiffness and pain throughout your entire life.

The Benefits Include


  • Release muscle tension, stiffness and pain in your neck, jaw, shoulders, back, pelvis, hips, knees, hands and feet

  • Improve your posture and breathing naturally

  • Manage stress and feel more relaxed and at ease

  • Improve your sleep

  • More supple with greater freedom of movement

  • improved balance and co-ordination

I tended to ‘guard’ my back and was less confident than I wanted to be, both in daily activities involving lifting, and in yoga classes . 

Yoga had strengthened my muscles overall, and become a real source of pleasure in my daily life, but had not sorted the occasional bouts of back pain .

Since the Clinical Somatic sessions I had with Jahna, I have had no acute episodes of back pain and few twinges, and these only if I have spent a day pushing /lifting/digging etc.  I’m also definitely more confident in yoga .

Despite not always prioritising a daily practice, I do find that I actually want to do the movements —- they feel good .  I’m also more aware of how I hold myself /position myself in my daily activities .

Carole Simpson

Stirling, UK

Frequently Asked Questions


At my home studio in Central Edinburgh, the address and directions will be given to you when you book your session.


It is recommended that you have 5 sessions to gain the most benefit. However some issues such as scoliosis or trauma may require more.


Please wear comfortable, loose or stretchy clothing you can move in i.e. no jeans, skirts or dresses please.



Inital Assessment costs £80 – 90 Minutes


Follow On Sessions cost £70 – 75 Minutes

Five Session Package costs £300

(15% Discount)


Please contact me if you would like to book a session or if you have any questions you’d like to ask



Book A Free 30 Minute Consultation

If you’re not sure if 1-1 sessions are the best way forward for you then please get in touch for a FREE no obligation 30 minute phone/skype consultation. We’ll have a conversation about what you’re wanting help with and you’ll get a chance to ask any questions you’d like clarified.