Somatic Movement & Somatic Yoga Classes

Slow down… sense within… move from the inside out.

Experience just how relaxed and at ease you can feel in your body and mind:

Please note: In person classes are not possible at present due to COVID-19.

Instead please join my Online Somatic Movement Classes

Somatic Yoga Class


The class combines gentle yet powerful Essential Somatic Movements to release muscular tension from the entire body with Yoga postures including slow sun salutations and standings.  The emphasis is on moving from the inside out and the class has a mindful, meditative quality to it.

Time:  Wednesday 9.30-10.45am 

Cost:  £100 or £12 Drop In  

Term Dates 2020: 10 week term 


Next Term Dates: 






The Full Body Yawn

Somatic Movement Class Series

 Essential Somatic Movements is a gentle neuromuscular approach that effectively retrains your brain to release chronic muscle tension – one of the most common causes of muscle stiffness and pain. In these class series you will learn safe, gentle yet profoundly effective movements that when practised daily will help you release tension & stiffness and move freely without pain.

Time: Wednesday 11.00am – 12 noon

          Friday 12.30 – 1.30pm

Cost:  £100 (no drop-in)         

Term Dates 2020: 10 week term


Next Term Dates:




Mulberry House

21 Manor Place

Edinburgh . EH3 7DX

How To Book

If you would like to join a class or want further information please contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the next scheduled dates for 10 week blocks of classes?

Both classes run in 10 Week block –Next Term Dates:  8th January – 20th March 2020 

What level are the classes aimed at?

Open to all levels. Beginners welcome. The class provides a safe space where you can welcome yourself just as you are. There is no sense of competition and you are guided and encouraged to only go as far in a movement as your body can safely support you.

The Hanna Somatic Exercise Class is gentle floor based movements so is particularly suitable if you are experiencing stiffness and aches and pains or are recovering from an injury

Are the classes small with room for individual attention?
It is really important to me that I can see and give you some individual attention in the class which is why I love to teach small classes. Both classes are limited to 8 students.
What can I expect from these classes?

To release and relax chronically tight muscles (which are often the cause of muscle pain and stiffness) through gentle yet extremely effective Hanna Somatic Exercises.

The Yoga asanas (postures) are performed slowly with bodily awareness and we end the class by relaxing into restorative stillness.

You can expect to leave the class feeling more relaxed in your body, able to move with greater ease (with regular attendance) and your mind calm yet refreshed.

Who are these classes a good fit for?

If you’re feeling a bit stiffer, maybe experiencing some aches and pains and want to move your whole body without strain then these classes could be a good fit for you.

You love the idea of feeling more relaxed and at ease in your body and mind through slow, gentle movement that emphasises moving from the inside out.

Who are these classes not a fit for?

If you want a more demanding, fast paced style. Also, if the idea of going slow enough to sense within the body doesn’t appeal then these classes probably won’t be the best fit for you.

If youre recovering from an injury, illness or experiencing quite a bit of stiffness then the Hanna Somatics class would be more suitable.  However, if you cannot easily get down onto the floor or are experiencing ongoing muscular pain then a 1-1 session that is tailored to meet your individual needs may be most helpful for you in the first instance. Not sure? Feel free to contact me and we can have a chat. I’m here to help.

What should I wear/bring?
  • Please bring your own yoga mat or you are welcome to hire a mat for £1 per class. All other equipment is provided.
  • Wear comfortable, loose or stretchy clothing you can move and breathe in. Bare feet is preferable but Yoga/Pilates socks that have a grip surface is an alternative. Do bring socks and layers to keep you warm for restorative poses and relaxation at end of class.
  • Try not to eat 1½ hours before class.

I had previously attended a busy evening class which did not give me enough individual attention. When I retired I wanted a day time class with small numbers if possible.

I feel I’m more aware of my posture in everyday life. I appreciate that the emphasis is not on pushing yourself to your maximum but allowing what feels right for you and then the movements will develop.   The class has also given me confidence to practise yoga at home periodically and even ‘make up’ some yoga movements myself!

This style would suit you if you want to experience gentle, slow, non-demanding but ‘thorough’ yoga. I really like that there is space for everyone to get individual attention and time to really practise the movements. It wouldn’t suit someone who is after high energetic ‘fitness yoga’.

Thank you for running such a friendly and relaxed class that so helpfully raises awareness of what’s going on in my body. It’s a weekly treat!

Gita Ingram, Edinburgh UK

My main problem is back ache caused by working too long at a computer. I also tend to worry unnecessarily about trivia. I have found through regularly coming to the class I am gradually becoming a bit more flexible and the back ache is less pronounced. On the days following yoga class I am, according to my husband, much more ‘chilled’ about things in general.

I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a bit of time for themselves to relax, stretch and get in tune with their own body.

I’ve enjoyed all the classes so far, in particular the ‘fluid’ classes which were new to me and although they don’t feel strenuous at the time, leave me feeling very well exercised and relaxed. Thank You Jahna.

Pat O’Connor, Edinburgh UK