One of things I love to do at the start of a new year is spend time in reflection, resting and just being.  I find this period of quietness deeply nourishing, allowing me to listen for the deeper intentions living within me of how I wish to express myself in the world.

Of course, you can do this at any time in the year as these deeper longings to lead a life of purpose and meaning are always calling us back home to ourself.  In iRest® Yoga Nidra (a practice that allows you to release stress and relax deeply) we call these our Heart’s Deepest Desires and they often emerge within us as a felt sense or essence rather than in words.

Our Heart’s Deepest Desires

Dr Richard Miller, the founder of iRest described these deep longings as not coming from the intellect but rather from the heart of our being, our very own blue print to living a fulfilling and authentic life unique to us.  At first though, it is not unusual to feel confused and unsure of “what exactly is my heart’s deepest desire”?  One way I have found helpful to get a sense of this, is to ask yourself the question “what is life asking of me?” and then becoming quiet enough to begin to hear or feel the whisperings that emerge.

What I find fascinating about this question, is that we aren’t being asked “what do I want from life or what do I want to achieve in life” but rather, there’s much more a sense of “life is living through us” .  For me, when I feel aligned to my heart’s deeper desires I have more of a sense of ease and inner harmony within me (although this doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges or difficulties along the way).

As you explore this question, don’t worry if nothing comes to you straight away, it can take time for the essence or flavour to emerge but rest assured the seeds will germinate, giving rise to more specific intentions of how to live your life in an authentic and purposeful way.

Intentions Arise Out Of Our Heart’s Longings

file7871291132343Last year for example, an intention that bubbled up out of a deeper desire within me was to be more compassionate in the way I spoke to myself and others.  I had thought this in the past (usually after I had been particularly unkind to myself or felt awful that I had said something harsh to someone) but this was now quite a visceral longing in my body.

So I decided to take the 2 day foundational training in NVC (Non-Violent Communication) as a way to help develop my skills in speaking more compassionately.  And now, I am practising what I have learnt on a daily basis, slowly developing my skills (which isn’t easy) and discovering that what is needed more often that not, is deep compassionate listening, and a letting go of my agenda and just being fully present in the moment.

What Are Your Deeper Longings For This Year?

Perhaps you have a sense of how life is wanting to express itself through you this year?  If so, and you feel inspired to share with others please do so in the comments below.  And if connecting and living from your Heartfelt Desires is something you would like to explore more fully, we will be delving into this in my upcoming iRest Yoga Nidra workshop  which you are warmly invited to attend.


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